Illumination lights

OSEAN designs and manufactures underwater lighting systems equipped with metal halide bulbs. These lights are available with standard AC power supply or DC low voltage power supply. OSEAN's systems are the best way to enhance and illuminate port, marina and beach. These systems can be use to illuminate underwater work . Easy to use, they will install on the sea bed or along quay and create ambiance above the sea surface.

State of the art

OSEAN’s underwater lighting systems are derived from the most recent techniques used in the world of the underwater motion picture and scientific underwater exploration. The metal halide lights are up to 4 times more efficient than equivalent tungsten lights. Thanks to a continuous and near-daylight visible spectral output of light, propagation in water is significantly increased.

Underwater Metal halide lighting fixturesPDF Metal halide lighting fixtures
Underwater Led Lighting FixturesPDF Underwater Led Lighting Fixtures

Photo credits : Osean, Ifremer, ECA, Christophe Gerick