The OSEAN (SAS) company is specialized in the study and the manufacturing of innovative systems performing in harsh environment. OSEAN’s headquarters are located in TOULON, on the French Riviera. OSEAN’s team has years of experience in the design of scientific and military underwater systems.

A propos d'Osean

OSEAN designs and manufactures:

  • Customized underwater electronic systems
  • High performance underwater light systems for motion picture industry, boat’s hull and harbors lighting


OSEAN’s expertise is based on a young team of experienced and passionate engineers and technicians working with the state of the art equipments.
OSEAN performs studies in the following fields: electronics, computer science, optics and mechanicals.
OSEAN is committed to manufacturing the most ruggedized and reliable products in accordance to safety and quality standards.


The quality of our product is built on the respect of industrial quality procedures and the partnership with high level suppliers.
The different steps of research and development (prototyping, testing and quality controls) are accomplished in house.